Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just starting

I just started to use this site as my primary blog. Previously I used Yahoo! 360 which is nice but it has limited functionality.
This blog will contain all kind of entries, each one with the apporpriate label.
I plan to start publishing tips&tricks and how-to entries that will make your life easier with the computers... I know that there are many that do that, but me is me and I will try...


Nishan Sekho said...

Lusu can we have private log in in Blogspot pls let me know .

Private log in mean

is the is any provision where i can keep my personal record & number which can be seen only when i use username and password


Lusu said...


There is no way to hide it under username and password, however, the blog settings allow you to hide from being listed. The setting is:
Add your Blog to our listings?
With Yes and No options. The description that is provided is:
"A Public blog appears in your Blogger Profile. If you select "No" we will not show your blog anywhere on, but it will still be available on the Internet."
So if you keep the url hidden you have a good chance to have it private. But once someone posts a link to your blog, it will be no longer hidden...