Thursday, December 07, 2006

Launch System Restore from a command prompt in Windows XP

It's not unusual to use System Restore to fix strange Windows XP system behavior—but depending on how damaged your system seems to be, you may need to call for more advanced measures. Here's how to launch System Restore from a command prompt.
If your Windows XP system begins acting strange, a typical fix is to use System Restore to remove any system changes made since the last time you created a Restore Point. However, what if the problem is so bad that you can't start Windows XP normally, or even start the system in Safe Mode?
The good news is you can run System Restore from a command prompt. Here's how:

  1. Restart your computer and press [F8] during the initial startup.
  2. When you see the Windows Advanced Options Menu, select the Safe Mode with a Command Prompt option.
  3. Select the Windows XP operating system.
  4. Log on to your computer with an administrator account or with an account that has administrator credentials.
  5. Type the following command at a command prompt:C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe

When you see the System Restore window, the graphics may look odd, but you can still follow the onscreen instructions to restore your computer to an earlier state.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Few days ago I received a video with some incredible balls flying around and hitting things and make beautiful music. I checked this out and it turned to be a piece of the song "Pipe Dreams" by Animusic. I do not want this to be a commercial to them, so I let you see them on YouTube. As I did not uploaded them and since I don't host them, I don't violate any copyrights (I hope)... Animusic is selling out 2 DVDs that supposed to contain the high quality versions plus more if you are interested. But since I don't want to give them free publicity, I will just provide the links to the collections bellow:

  1. Animusic 1 - 01 - Future Retro
  2. Animusic 1 - 02 - Stick Figures
  3. Animusic 1 - 03 - Aqua Harp
  4. Animusic 1 - 04 - Drum Machine
  5. Animusic 1 - 05 - Pipe Dream
  6. Animusic 1 - 06 - Acoustic Curves
  7. Animusic 1 - 07 - Harmonic Voltage
  8. Animusic 2 - 01 - Starship Groove
  9. Animusic 2 - 02 - Pogo Sticks
  10. Animusic 2 - 03 - Resonant Chamber
  11. Animusic 2 - 04 - Cathedral Pictures
  12. Animusic 2 - 05 - Pipe Dream 2
  13. Animusic 2 - 06 - Fiber Bundles
  14. Animusic 2 - 07 - Gyro Drums
  15. Animusic 2 - 08 - Heavy Light

I also found this one, but it is not part of the original DVDs:

  1. Animusic - More Bells And Whistles

I hope I have all the links right, but if I didn't please let me know...