Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Desktop Themes

Big things are spoken about the desktop themes in Windows, pros and cons.
Here are my 2 cents...

  1. Nicer looking desktops

  2. Modern looking windows and applications

That was it, not a long list, isn't it? Now the cons:

  1. Slows down the computer a little bit (not a big deal for modern computers, but still)

  2. Incompatible with some applications (I really hate those incompatibilities)

  3. Bigger borders, taskbars and windows (not a problem unless you are a developer like me and every pixel counts)

I also keep this one short. I am not against themes, but the first thing I do after I install the OS is to disable the themes service (actually set it to manual start) and change the desktop theme to "Windows Classic". So it looks like a good old days Windows 2000, so what? I like it. Plus no more conflicts and the system runs without being slowed down.
What you should do? It's completely up to you. However, use themes when:

  • The OS is not a server type one, but a workstation one (like Windows XP)

  • You do not care about the slowdown it introduces

  • You actually like them

  • Desktop space is not that important to you

Do not use them when:

  • The OS is a server type one (like Windows 2003)

  • You can notice an improvement in computer speed and response when the themes are off

  • You do need every pixel on the screen

  • You don't like them

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