Friday, November 03, 2006

Playing With AdSense Spam

First of all... this is not spam from Google or the official AdSense team. I went to one of those "Get rich with AdSense" sites I was talking about in my post "AdSense Heaven?" and put in my "name" and e-mail address. Actually instead of the name I put in "Ivebeenspamed" (that's "I've been spamed" if you missed it, I took the idea from The Noob Commic). Now of course... I receive spam from that site. Whatever they say it was free, with big text and lots of fuss, was actually a "sub product" of another big one. As I said... tricks to get your money.
Now that spam tries to sell me stuff and it is providing me with rubbish information that can, if I take it for granted, get me in trouble with AdSense. However, some of the "tips" got my attention because parts of them are quite true (I bolded the "true" part of then). However, do not take those for granted as tips! They are snippets from a junk mail! Here is the one that has the most truth in it:

2. Junk Sites Get Junk Income
Your site must have good content that can
attract users on its own merit. There are a lot of different strategies
available for producing good content for your site. You'll need to use them
if you want to create the sort of site that makes real money. Don't build junky sites, because they'll just bring you junky (meaning, "not very much")

Well... this is it. See how a spamer tricks users? They present to you half truth and whole lies...

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