Friday, November 17, 2006

Parked Domain, Reserved Domain...

You may have heard those terms before, but what do they mean? Let's see some terms:

  • Reserved Domain - is a domain that was purchased but was not set up. Those type of domains do not exist practically, but nobody can buy them any more.
  • Parked Domain - is a domain that exists only to be out on top of another one. Basically, when such domain is requested, the underlying hosting domain is returned. Parked domains usually do not have subdomains (except for the standard WWW one)
  • Active Domain - is a fully functional domain, it can have subdomains, mail servers etc.
  • Expired Domain - is a previously reserved, parked or active domain that has its registration expired and the registrar has locked it out until the owner pays again or until it will be erased. Usually the expired domains are used to give the owner a grace period to renew it.
  • Domain Lock - is a setting in the registrar database that prevents unauthorised changes to it. Only unlocked domains can be transferred from one registrar to another.

Hope some terms are not more clear...

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