Thursday, September 28, 2006

Spam Mails

One of my favorite subjects... spam! So, what are the top stories lately?

  1. Of course that everyone still sells me "viagra", "cielis" and dozen other drugs from whatever country online drug store at fantastic low prices... Wow! how lucky I must be... Subjects to those mails changed from PHARMA to MEDS with some random lowercase characters between those in uppercase like PHsdARMA or MEccaDS to make them look like a mail error, but in fact they do this on purpose to trick spam filters.
  2. Recently I started to win the UK lottery! Wow! 250.000 UK pounds! Gee! How Lucky I am... since I never played that (fake) lottery... Anyway they give me an explanation that they collected my e-mail address from public institutions... What real lottery does that?
  3. Another one is from PayPal (yeah, right!) which says that I just added an e-mail address to my PayPal account, they even give me that address which obviously is not mine, to panic me and make me click a "logon to PayPal link" and reject that mail. What will happen next? I just give them my PayPal account details so they can take it over! What they don't know is that PayPal does not work for Romania... ha ha ha... so I don't have such account.

That's this week top 3...

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