Sunday, September 03, 2006

ROSI's Activities Related to eLiberatica

I did not posted a lot about ROSI and eLiberatica, but trust me when I say that the things are moving forward. Members are promoting it all over the world and we gain lots of hits in the search engines:

  • Google: "Results 1 - 10 of about 18,200 for eliberatica. (0.08 seconds)"

  • Yahooo!: "1 - 10 of about 1,190 for eliberatica - 0.28 sec."

  • MSN: "Page 1 of 579 results containing eliberatica (0.15 seconds)"

... just to name few. So keep up the good work guys!
Anyway, behind the scenes the members are working on the conference and related activities probably more than ever...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lusu,

I take the chance to say how glad I am that you started seriously to blog.

I was sure that you will have a lot to share. I'm looking forward when you will finish the "Lusu Web Solutions" website; you will have all my support. I'll always help to promote the real IT talents from Romania.
And I'm really glad to have you together with us.

Lusu said...

Thank you Lucian, as usual you are very kind. The main site is up and running ( but the subsites are not. I plan to create a surprise for my friends with one of them. Unfortunately time is not on my side...