Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Security For Me: Intro

OK, I know that I was busy and I still am, but I am "cooking something"... the "Security for me" post series. What is all about? How security fits in in every day life, being computer based or not.
First of all I will start by saying why I am doing this. I read somewhere a wise quote (sorry, but I don't remember who said it first): "A false sense of security is worst than having no security at all". So what does it mean? How came that no security is better? Because if you think that you are secure you simply ignore it. Plain and simple. You just don't bother to check that security is in place and how up to date it is. Having no security at all makes you think twice because you know you are not secured. Starting from this I plan to write some security posts that will make you realize the importance of security on one hand and how can you make sure you are secured on the other.
Without any more boring intro, I will now write the first article.

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