Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fake Antispyware: SpySheriff

"SpySheriff is among the best-known rogue programs disguised as spyware protection. It might look like a useful security program but it actually isn't - it's typically pushed on systems through vulnerabilities, after which it reports nonexistent infections in order to scare you into registering the software for a cool $59.95 or so."
I don't recommend anybody to go and use this software, neither the antivirus companies like F-Secure.
So, please be careful of what programs you use. If you want antispyware software use consecrated names like:

Or any good antivirus with antispyware built-in. (this is not a full list, they are only examples)
Personally I use Spybot as resident protection and when in trouble all of the three. Why I don't use only one? Because there is no such thing as the best antivirus or antispyware software, there are only "the best ones" and sometimes you may need to use tools from different vendors to get rid of an unwanted infection. Overtime, they will add to their signatures for virus and spyware all known definitions, but viruses are simply one step ahead.


Anonymous said...

This link is not available anymore !

Lusu said...

It is working fine Gabi, I just cheked it. You may have some problems with your Internet connection.

Anonymous said...

If I told you that there was a decent free antivirus software program available would you try it? You seem apt to judge many of the programs you say you’ve used yet you don’t really state why you are so down on many of the free ones? I can tell you this. I have used several free applications both for my antivirus and antispyware requirements and while some where notably awful there were one or two that really stood out and above the other more popular and well known programs. Blink Personal edition is by far my favorite and the most comprehensive antivirus application I’ve ever used. Don’t knock things until you try them.

Lusu said...

Sorry but I cannot review all software on the market, there are others that do so.

Quote from CNet:
The good: Blink Personal is free for personal use; includes vulnerability scanner; many configuration settings; is rules-based.

The bad: Blink Personal is not very user-friendly; is complicated to download and install.

The bottom line: Blink Personal offers more tools than the usual Internet security suite, and it's currently free. However, advanced users will get more out of this suite than beginners who should stick with more user-friendly suites from ZoneAlarm or Norton.